Aloha…and on…and on…

It’s not every day I am commissioned to do a Vanity Fair style portrait of a living legend! This is PJ. He’s a former European, British and Welsh surfing champion, and not a bad guitarist by all accounts. “Aloha…and on…and on” is his favourite phrase.

This surfing legend owns a surf shop in Llangennith, at the end of the Gower Peninsular.

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“I’ve just been given the magic caricature that you have composed of myself from my lovely neighbour … it’s great and makes me smile at myself… a lot…

I must say that you have my left hand finger shape absolutely perfect… in the chord of G..!!!!”


“I’m smiling now… being a close neighbour of PJ, a work colleague of Amanda, and a massive fan of her amazing talent… it was my pleasure to ask her to do this as a present for Pete. The real highlight is the sparkle in his eyes… and his favourite G7 chord on the 12 string guitar!!”

The client





Aloha…and on…and on…| Vanity fair Style Portrait

These are gentle caricatures, nothing too extreme. As Leslie Ward (Spy) said:

If I could sum up the art in a sentence, it would be that caricature should be a comic impression with a kindly touch, and always devoid of vulgarity.Leslie Ward – Wikipedia


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Pencil sketch. Scanned. Painted digitally in Photoshop, using graphics tablet and stylus. Textures my own.

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