Frida Kahlo style self-portrait

This Frida Kahlo style portrait is a self-portrait in pastel created as a homage to one of the greatest painters of the Twentieth century. Known for her many self-portraits and works inspired by the nature and spirit of Mexico, Frida Kahlo is seen as a key member of the surrealist movement and a genius of Magical Realism.

I drew it back in 1995 for a ‘Fakes’ competition. It was runner up and featured in the FAKES exhibition at the Raw Gallery in London.

Frida Kahlo’s Self Portrait with a Monkey was depicted as a creature with his own soul. He is tender and gentle and put his arm around Frida’s neck. It seems the monkey wants to protect – Self-portrait with Monkey, 1938

Frida Kahlo would often paint her pet monkeys on her shoulder with their arms around her neck. On my shoulder is Vasey, my beloved companion for 20 years. In this Frida Kahlo style portrait he also has his tail wrapped around my neck in a similar protective fashion.


Pastel on paper.

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