Painting in oil of legendary South Wales psychedelic indie rock band Rocketgoldstar.  I was commissioned to paint an oil portrait of Rocketgoldstar for the video of their song Steamboat to Nowhere.

By the late 90s Rocketgoldstar had become established as one of the country’s hottest underground bands which led to performances at Cardiff’s Big Weekend and on MTV. They achieved notoriety with their 12 hour single, recorded in one continuous 12 hour session in May 2000 and less than a month later they were in the national news with their groundbreaking silent gig. Their 2001 album Soft Eject was hailed as a psychedelic masterpiece.Rocketgoldstar –

The oil portrait of Rocketgoldstar also appears inside their 2001 album Soft Eject


Oil on wood panel. 12 x 16.5 inches.

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