One of her Majesty’s Counsel

The QC in this portrait, one of Her Majesty’s Counsel, commissioned this Vanity Fair style portrait, Leslie Ward inspired Spy cartoon, to commemorate the ceremony of ‘Taking Silk’. This phrase refers to the QC’s silk gowns. Their appointment as Queen’s Counsel is known informally as taking silk, and QCs are often colloquially called silks.


One of Her Majesty’s Counsel – a Vanity Fair style portrait

These are gentle caricatures, nothing too extreme. As Leslie Ward (Spy) said:

If I could sum up the art in a sentence, it would be that caricature should be a comic impression with a kindly touch, and always devoid of vulgarity.Leslie Ward – Wikipedia

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Pencil sketch. Scanned. Painted digitally in Photoshop, using graphics tablet and stylus. Textures my own.

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