Madame de Pompadour (as seen on ‘Doctor Who’)


I painted this portrait for the BBC for an episode of Doctor Who. It is the actor Sophia Myles as Madame de Pompadour in the episode ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’. I used one of Boucher’s paintings of Madame de Pompadour as reference, and painted Sophia’s face using one of her publicity photos. I would’ve preferred to have photographed her in full costume and wig, but sadly time didn’t permit.

It was in shot for all of 20 seconds right at the end!

Here it is in situ on the Doctor Who Website

If you would like a print, please message me via the contacts page.

Oil on wood panel.

  1. July 09, 2016 by Amanda Reply

    Hi Gregory, thank you for getting in touch. I wouldn’t have seen that otherwise 😀

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