Roger Sterling

My latest portrait from ebay. He’s so ‘Mad Men’ I had to call him Roger Sterling!

He’s quite an odd one. You don’t usually see portraits of people in there outdoor gear. As with most of the portraits I acquire, he has the usual mysterious air about him. Who is he, who painted him and why? Where is he going/coming from and what has he been up to? Is he a business man, a salesman, a conman, a spy?

It has a quite a strong graphic quality to it, with its bold blocks of colour and almost a ‘painting by numbers’ quality to the strokes. I can see it as an illustration for a book cover.

On the back of the canvas there is, in faint pencil, the name ‘Dodd’ and possibly a first name beginning with ‘H’, Henry or Harry perhaps? Is the portrait of Mr Dodd, or is that the artist? I shall investigate further.

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