Self Portrait of a Bohemian Man

This one is a favourite possession of mine. Bought on ebay (as usual). He’s at risk! The background paint is so thick and crumbly in places it was sent wrapped in cellophane to keep the paint on! I’ve even had to go in there and touch up in various places.

I’ve named him Solomon. He was Gustav at one point but I changed my mind after doing my family tree and discovering my 3rd Great Grandfather born in 1822 was one Solomon Tonge and I was quite taken by the same.

He has wild unkempt hair and what looks like a loose neck tie which gives him a bohemian appearance and he is very handsome. He reminds me of my partner Paul, I think that’s why I was attracted to it. It has the feel of a self portrait.

I adore the artist’s technique. His brushstrokes are rapid, loose and impressionistic, which you only notice when you get close. That’s a technique I wouldn’t mind harnessing. From a distance it all melts together perfectly. This mystery artist knows how to wield a brush. I wish I knew more about him.

It’s hard to date. Could be Victorian, could be 50’s; you know what these bohemian types are like, they are timeless.

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