Stranger Things homage

This festive season, I felt compelled to pay homage to my current favourite TV show, Stranger Things. It rivals my obsession for Buffy the Vampire Slayer AND The X-Files.

From episode one I was hooked. I loved the whole 80’s vibe. It was perfect. I know when I am watching a work of brilliance as I actually feel close to tears by perfection. I felt it while watching the opening scene of The Lord of the Rings, and I felt it almost immediately with the first episode of Stranger Things. I knew I was going to enjoy it as soon as that iconic title sequence finished!

Having spent my school years in the 80’s, I found the familiar imagery, the music, and the fashions, not to mention the teenage angst, a thrill. But the real testament of its brilliance was the compassion I had for the all characters. I felt choked with every heart wrenching “Papa” uttered by Eleven. Will somebody please give that child a hug!!! What an amazing actor Millie Bobby Brown is. All of the child actors had a superior level of talent.

After watching 3 episodes, I felt it my mission to get all of my loved ones and friends into it too, and watched the first few episodes along with some of them to get them going.

So after finishing the second season, I was itching to draw them. I had a week to kill over Christmas, and set myself the task of creating one of my comic book style illustrations. Well, it wasn’t a task at all in all honesty. I got a real buzz out of doing this particular project. Having to scrutinise their adorable little faces while drawing them was such a pleasure! It also meant I could watch the show again from the beginning to soak up the atmosphere to help put me in the zone.

I pondered what to place in the corner art. What icon could represent all the characters? I considered walkie-talkies; a 20 sided die; a rubik’s cube. But in the end I decide on the Demogorgon. This seemed to symbolise the overriding menace connecting all these characters. The date I chose for the comic is the one shown at the start of episode one. The price of 40 cents is the same as X-Men comics of the same period.

My partner Paul always says that he can tell when I’ve enjoyed a project. He says it shows in my work the level of joy I’ve had doing it. Hopefully that is true. It’s one of my favourite pieces to date (thank you Paul for your assistance with recreating the typeface – it wasn’t as straight forward as you’d think).

I hope you like it too. Please leave a comment to show your appreciation if you wish :)

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