The IT Crowd Comic Book Cover

The IT Crowd Comic book Cover illustration is my homage to the hilarious British comedy The IT Crowd, written by Graham Linehan. Seeing as the main characters are computer nerds more interested in gaming and playing than actually providing IT assistance, I thought the comic book theme would suit the project perfectly.

It originally aired on February 3rd 2006, and is still popular with fans today. It centres around Moss and Roy, the IT support team for the multi-billion pound business empire, Reynholm Industries. They are led by the clueless Jen, who somehow managed to blag her way into the role of head of the IT department. She doesn’t even know what the initials ‘IT’ stand for!

What does ‘IT’ stand for? What doesn’t it stand for?Jen Barber

It stars Richard Ayoade as the knowledgeable Maurice Moss, Chris O’Dowd as the lazy Roy Trenneman, Katherine Parkinson as ‘Relationship Manager’ Jen Barber, Matt Berry as Douglas Reynholm, the head of  Reynholm Industries, and Noel Fielding as the mysterious goth, Richmond Felicity Avenal.

I’ve been promising myself this project for over 10 years! It’s always a treat to create portraits of your favourite TV characters. I think I giggled all the time I was working on this.


The IT Crowd comic book cover

This is one of a set of 3 illustrations following the same Comic Book Cover design. See also my homage to Stranger Things  and The Big Bang Theory

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