Her Majesty’s Trusty and Well Beloved

Vanity Fair Spy portrait style to commemorate the sitter Taking Silk.

The client chose the title ‘Her Majesty’s Trusty and Well Beloved’ as it apparently “tickled” his father when he read it in the wording used in the Letters Patent. These are contained in the scarlet leather pouch he is holding (Letters Patent are written orders issued by a monarch, granting an office, right, monopoly, title, or status to a person. It is an archaically worded document bearing a large royal seal).

These are gentle caricatures, nothing too extreme. As Leslie Ward (Spy) said:

If I could sum up the art in a sentence, it would be that caricature should be a comic impression with a kindly touch, and always devoid of vulgarity.Leslie Ward – Wikipedia

To see more of his Vanity Fair style portrait work click here.


Pencil sketch. Scanned. Painted digitally in Photoshop, using graphics tablet and stylus. Textures my own.

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