20 Jan 2015: Welcome to my shiny new website

I hope you have fun exploring my new website. A huuuuge thank you to my partner Paul for his persistence and patience setting it up for me. So glad it’s finally done. It’s been a long time coming.

My past websites have been pretty but impractical. I finally gave in to the fact that function over form is the only way to go if I am to have a fully functioning website where I don’t have to keep bothering Paul each time I want to update it with new work.

Pictured here is my old website built in 2008. Bye bye rustic wooden box of snail shells and dead bees. If you want to peruse the old one… check it out here.


  1. February 08, 2015 by Andrew Busby Reply

    Hello Amanda, I am part of the portrait painters group, and when I saw your announcement about your new website, I just had to tune in, as a website is something I have always wanted in order not to exhibit but to try and bring attention to my work and perhaps attract some positive interest, maybe even a commission or two. Anyway having looked at your site I found that it is really good, generous and informative. you have been very busy and I would love to have such a great website for myself. I imagine that it took a lot of time and patience to construct. I wonder how much a site like this would cost to commission, I have tried to find a website designer but this kind of construction probably has to evolve organically to end and at the same time begin, hopefully a really busy and satisfying career. Any tips about how to go about starting to build a fine website would be much appreciated. I’m sure a website like this would cost a lot of dosh. Very interesting all of the content and equally so the narrative
    Best wishes Andrew Busby

    • February 09, 2015 by Amanda Reply

      Hi Andrew, many thanks for checking out my website and the positive comments 🙂
      I am lucky enough to have my very own in-house web builder. He’s sat right here and I just threw you query over to him. He did a quick calculation of the time it took him to build it and concluded that if he had to do it all again he would probably have to charge something in the region of £750. That didn’t include the 3 solid days it took me to load up all the images and do all the write-ups. You are absolutely right, the process was quite organic and he admirably accommodated all of my stubborn whims and demands, and still is in fact! Paul created the bones and look of the site and made it easy for me to continue to add more content and tweak and amend to my heart’s content.

      It may be worth checking out some of the d.i.y. online website creators. I’m guessing these result in something similar (but with less artistic control) and I think you end up paying a monthly fee. Just type in ‘portfolio website builder’ into google.

      Best of luck with your website creation.

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